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Did weight loss surgery let you down?  Now you feel stuck? Lost? Depressed? You are not alone!   

In a recent prospective, long-term study of patients who had undergone RYGB, 93 percent of patients maintained at least a 10 percent weight loss from base line, 70 percent maintained at least a 20 percent weight loss and only 40 percent maintained at least a 30 percent weight loss after 12 years.

Meera Shah, M.B., Ch.B., with Endocrinology, Diabetes, Metabolism, and Nutrition at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, notes, "Patients who regain weight after bariatric surgery feel that they have failed their last option, leading to a great deal of frustration, anger and even depression. See Cite information below.

YOU DID NOT FAIL!  Weight loss surgery FAILED YOU!  I am a Professional Life and Goal Coach and successful WLS patient who has kept her weight off for 18 years. I have over 10 years experience Coaching and Training clients with much success, which I feel is due to my own personal experience with obesity and weight loss surgery challenges and successes.

I am here to help once and for ALL! 

It all starts with the first step, and that begins with Self-Love. You are brave, and I am glad you are here! Let's get started!

Mind, Body, & Spirit!  Your positive transformation starts NOW.,Meera%20Shah%2C%20M.B.%2C%20Ch.

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Guiding you to a lifetime of positive lifestyle adjustments.

In 2003, JoAnn had RNY gastric bypass surgery.  She joined the gym, lost 100lbs, has kept it off with minimal variation, is now in the best shape of her life, and she has been on a continuous journey of self-improvement ever since. 
She was first certified as a personal trainer 2010 and then in nutrition in 2012, but life in the real estate world took her away from her true passion. 
After seeing several her friends gain all of their weight back, if not more, after WLS (weight loss surgery) and now having more health concerns than before, she said, "Enough is Enough!"  JoAnn is now a Certified Life and Goal Coach specializing in WLS clients.  She is currently finishing her CPT training, re-certification in nutrition through NASM, as well as a group fitness and virtual coach.  
Her mission is to help as many of her clients who have gone through or are preparing to have WLS get past the barriers that they have or will have to experience. It's progress, not perfection!

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